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Our Story

In the heart of Blackburn, Sapphire Furniture embarked on a remarkable journey two decades ago that would shape the furniture industry and inspire countless homeowners. With a shared passion for design, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a combined experience of 20 years, they co-founded a brand that has become a hallmark of furniture excellence.

Their journey began with a spark of inspiration ignited by the rich history and diverse culture of Blackburn. Sapphire Furniture, an avid admirer of aesthetics, joined forces to bring their vision to life. Their goal wasn't merely to create furniture; it was to weave stories through each piece, infusing homes with comfort, style, and soul.

Blackburn's vibrant spirit fueled their creativity as they embarked on their first endeavor: crafting coffee tables that were more than just surfaces to place cups upon. Sapphire Furniture saw these tables as canvases, and their designs as brushstrokes that would paint stories of elegance and functionality. With a keen eye for detail, they sourced exquisite materials, blending woods, metals, and glass to create coffee tables that were true works of art.

The journey was not without its trials. The initial days were marked by long hours in the workshop, experimenting with designs, and perfecting techniques. Sapphire Furniture unwavering dedication saw them through, and soon, their creations were no longer just furniture; they were expressions of their shared vision and passion.

As the years rolled on, Sapphire Furniture reputation for quality craftsmanship grew. Their dedication to their craft attracted a team of like-minded artisans who shared their ethos. Together, they set their sights on redefining the sofa experience. With Sapphire Furniture eye for design and construction, they brought forth sofas that were a symphony of comfort and elegance. Each stitch and contour was meticulously considered, resulting in sofas that not only adorned living spaces but also became a cherished haven for relaxation.

Yet, Sapphire Furniture innovative spirit couldn't be contained by tradition alone. Their next creation was inspired by the allure of traditional fireplaces that graced Blackburn's historic homes. However, the two visionaries sought to blend the charm of the past with the convenience of the present. Thus, their line of Furniture was born – a fusion of nostalgia and modernity that added both warmth and style to homes.

Today, as Sapphire Furniture celebrates two decades of innovation, their brand, Furniture Ace, stands as a testament to their journey. Their Blackburn-based enterprise has grown from a small workshop to an industry leader, with a legacy of excellence that continues to thrive.

Exploring the Furniture Ace collection is more than just a shopping experience; it's an immersion into the passion, creativity, and expertise of two individuals who have dedicated their lives to making houses into homes. With every coffee table, sofa, and electric fire, Furniture Ace's vision lives on, inviting you to be part of a narrative that celebrates craftsmanship, innovation, and the power of turning ideas into reality.